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No more SEO overwhelm

Your marketing team has been doing Search Engine Optimization for a while, and you’re getting decent organic traffic. You’re ready to take your content to the next level, but the amount of work it will take is overwhelming. You need an agency partner who will do the heavy lifting for you.

No more cringe-worthy content

Your impact-driven brand plays the game differently, and your business doesn’t fit into a cookie cutter template most SEO agencies want to use. You need someone who understands your values and will help you create content that actually contributes to your brand and mission.

Traffic and lead generation for the world’s most awesome B2B brands

If you’re ready to amplify your impact, it’s time you met One Generation — a Search Engine Optimization and content agency for B2B impact brands.

For the past three years, we’ve partnered with world-leading software companies, branding agencies, and consulting firms to grow their awareness, traffic, leads, and ultimately their positive mission.

Whether it’s laying a strategic foundation for growth or partnering to create meaningful content, we’re on a mission to help purpose-driven B2B brands profit.

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Our results

We don’t just create content for the sake of content. We’re here to grow your business by focusing on meaningful metrics. 

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What they say

"We've engaged Rebekah for some extra firepower on several high-profile agency projects. Her content and SEO consulting have really helped provide clarity, direction, and confidence that we're creating effective marketing materials."

Lucas Forsythe

Owner, Blue Griffin Marketing

"Rebekah provided BBMG very helpful qualitative messaging and SEO consulting rooted in her understanding of our business, and the sustainability and social impact space in which we operate. She understood our values and perspective, whereas other SEO experts that we've heard from seem to be purely focused on what gets clicks."

Liz Courtney

Business Development, BBMG

Increase your impact, and your peace of mind

If you’re worried whether you can reach your full SEO and content potential, don’t be. Let’s get a conversation started and see how we can grow your impact, together.