Emails & your personal data

Last updated: April 30, 2024

You’re probably seeing this page because you received an email from me (Rebekah Mays) and you’re curious how I handle your personal data and prospecting emails in general.
Good question – here’s how I operate.

Name, company, email address

I select prospects carefully, doing my best to find individuals who are in industries and roles that would benefit from my services.
I use LinkedIn to identify the company, name, role, and region of my prospects.
I also use online tools like Apollo and Hunter to find email addresses of prospective clients.

Email outreach

Based on the above information, I email prospects letting them know about my writing and content strategy services, and how I might be able to support them.  
Since hiring a freelancer is often a matter of timing, I may reach out multiple times over the course of a year in case a need arises, but I make a point not to do this excessively.
At any time, a prospect can reply to my emails asking not to send any more messages, and I will respect this request.

Storage and data cleanup

I store prospective clients’ information in a private online file that is only accessible to me. 
Upon request, I will delete the email addresses of a prospect who reaches out to me. Additionally, each year, for prospects based in the UK and the EU, I clean out email addresses of people who I’ve reached out to but who have not responded on email or LinkedIn over the last 12 months.
If I receive a response from a prospect that indicates there may be a future opportunity to collaborate, I will keep the information on file and follow up occasionally to inquire.


Questions or complaints about the way I handle your data for prospecting purposes? Please reach out to me at