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How we've helped purpose-driven businesses increase brand awareness, traffic, and leads

Clarity and direction for businesses of all sizes

Content strategy is our specialty. Over the past three years, we have developed strategy for leading B2B impact brands, sustainable e-commerce companies, and international non-profits. 

These organizations now have a roadmap to maximize their content teams’ efforts and achieving meaningful organic growth. 

“Rebekah understood our values and perspective, whereas other SEO experts we've heard from seem to be purely focused on what gets clicks."

Liz Courtney

Business Development, BBMG

“Rebekah was a key player in helping our organization formulate our content strategy for our mobile app. I'm confident she could help any impact-minded organization that needs clarity on messaging, content strategy, or strategic content assets."

Tegan Jung

Content & Comms Director, Maharishi Foundation International

Growth in a key digital KPI

One of our clients needed a robust content strategy to keep their existing users engaged. Over a period of several months, we partnered with them to plan and create meaningful content that would provide huge value for their users — and grow a key engagement metric for the brand. To measure the impact, we designed user research studies to survey users about their experience with the content. The results were clear: qualitative and quantitative research showed that the content hit the spot with users and left them wanting even more.

User engagement - graphic

“We've engaged Rebekah for some extra firepower on several high profile agency projects. Her content and SEO consulting have really helped provide clarity, direction, and confidence that we're creating effective marketing materials."

Lucas Forsythe

Blue Griffin Marketing

Ranking #1 for high-volume keywords

When we support businesses through regular SEO content creation, we always help them improve their rankings and increase organic search traffic. For one business, the content we created over two years ago is still their highest-ranking content, with one blog ranking number one for a keyword with a monthly search volume of 7K. Organic growth like this means more leads, more sales, and a path forward to scaling content creation and marketing. 

“Rebekah has been invaluable in helping me communicate my services more clearly so that my website copy speaks to my target audience and helps me achieve my goals." 

Michael Hotz

Owner, Atelier Michael Hotz

From 0 to 1,667 email subscribers

Regular, strategic content creation is the biggest driver of traffic and leads. One wellness business we worked with had no email list — and no real advertising budget — but needed a way to market to their audience. We worked with them to publish regular, organic content every month. We quickly began seeing consistent growth and engagement in their email list as a result. After one year, they finally had a robust email list of more than 1,600 highly engaged email subscribers, with an open rate of 60%.

“These most recent pieces [of content] are tailored perfectly to my audience, loaded with relevant & relatable examples, and hold attention from beginning to end."

Jen Adams

Managing Editor, Professional Writers' Alliance

1% donated to environmental causes

Results start with the business impact we have on our clients. But they don’t end there. As a 1% For the Planet business member, we give back at least 1% of our gross revenue every year to environmental initiatives. We support initiatives like Healthy Seas, a local non-profit in the Netherlands, and are always looking for ways to expand our impact further.

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