Strategy. The first step to scaling your SEO results.

As a purpose-driven business, you know SEO is essential to growing your organic traffic and ultimately expanding your impact. But without a solid SEO strategy, you’re not getting the most out of your content efforts. 

Our four-week “Strategy Sprint” is designed to give you the comprehensive foundation you need to maximize your efforts — *without* getting stuck in the planning phase.

Together, we’ll build a comprehensive SEO roadmap for you that includes the most essential technical and content actions you need to take to achieve your goals.

Once the project is done, you’ll have the flexibility to implement the recommendations yourself, or engage our team to implement them to save you time and hassle.

Project turnaround time

About 4 weeks. This mostly depends on your ability to fill out the onboarding questionnaire and schedule the kick-off & wrap-up calls, but we’re pretty flexible about the timeline. The bottom line is that we want to keep it moving so you move on to implementation (which is where the results happen!).

Who it’s for

Purpose-driven software brands, consulting firms, and other “good” businesses publishing mid to high volumes of content on their website. 

In our minds “purpose-driven brands” means B Corps, 1% for the Planet members, and other businesses working hard to make a positive impact. 

What’s included in the Strategy Sprint

✅ Technical analysis: Discover any major technical roadblocks holding back your site’s search performance

✅ Content audit: Identify the “low-hanging fruit” optimization opportunities

✅ Google Analytics audit: Make better business decisions with data you can trust

✅ Competitor Keyword research: Gain visibility and market share with an extensive list of relevant topics and keywords to target

✅ SEO content strategy: Organize your content effectively with proven SEO content strategies that make sense for you

✅ SEO roadmap slide deck: See all the recommendations in one place and prioritized next steps

✅ Data (Looker) Studio report: Understand your current SEO performance with a dashboard that pulls real-time data from multiple sources

✅ Live kickoff and wrap-up Zoom calls: Align and get your questions answered in real time


Take a peek 👇

SEO roadmap slide deck screenshot
The most important document of the project is your SEO roadmap slide deck, which will contain the overview of your SEO strategy and prioritized next steps.
Screenshot of the technical actions from website quality audit
Discover the most important technical points holding back your SEO performance. Share details with your developer or hire us to implement the fixes.
Know where you stand with a custom-built Looker (Data Studio) Dashboard that pulls data from multiple sources.
Screenshot of the keyword research we'll do for you
Never run out of content ideas again with extensive keyword research and topic ideation that's relevant to your brand.

Who you’ll work with

Rebekah Mays, One Generation’s founder and strategist, will be your guide throughout the Strategy Sprint. For more than six years, Rebekah has helped purpose-driven brands and nonprofits grow their revenue and positive impact through content and SEO. She has been a guest speaker and coach for MarketingProfs, the Green Marketing Academy, and AWAI’s Circle of Success



Pricing depends on the size of your website and whether you need help with the implementation. Please book a call with us to get a quote for your project.

What comes after the Strategy Sprint?

Strategy is just the first step — as you know, achieving results comes from actually implementing the strategy. To keep the momentum going, we always recommend engaging us to start implementation right after the strategy ends. We provide content on either a done-for-you or done-with you basis, depending on your budget and existing team.

We’ll scope all this out for you as part of the Strategy Sprint, but we can also give you an estimated price range for the work needed after an initial free consultation with us.


Ready to get started?

Book a free discovery call with Rebekah to share your SEO goals and see if it’s a good fit. We can’t wait to meet you!


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