How we help

We engage with clients on project-based "Sprints" that help them reach their SEO and sales goals.

Your content strategy and writing needs, solved.

To get results from your content and expand your impact, you need both strategy and implementation. Get stuck on either of these, and you sadly won’t see the results you want. 

We use a “sprints” method that allows everyone to stay focused and results-driven. This also means you won’t be stuck in a long retainer, but will have the flexibility to scale up the work or easily take a break as budget and workload allows.

Here’s how it works.

Strategy Sprint

First off, we’ll lay the strategic foundation in what we call the “Strategy Sprint.” In less than a month, we’ll do a deep dive of your SEO content, technical setup, and show you exactly what you need to do to reach your goals.

You’ll have the option to implement everything yourself, or work with us to implement the recommendations.

The Strategy Sprint can be purchased as a stand-alone project, and is a great option no matter whether you have 1 person on your marketing team or 10.

SEO Content Sprint

After the Strategy Sprint, you can work with us to begin ramping up your SEO content based on your SEO strategy.

This typically includes: 

  • Content optimizations of 10-20 existing pages
  • New long-form written content pages based on your goals and the SEO strategy 
  • Support with content distribution (Social posts, email newsletter content) 

We usually work in batches of 10 content pages, and focus on content like blogs, guides, and service pages. 

Sales Sprint

Need short-term sales before you can start worrying about long-term SEO results? We can help with that, too. 

We’ll tackle this by creating content that empowers your sales team to close more deals. Depending on your existing assets and needs, this might be a content funnel designed to send leads to your sales team, or a bundle of high-value blogs that your team can use to keep conversations going.

Eager to learn more?

Book a free discovery call with our strategist Rebekah to share your marketing goals, learn more about our Sprints, and see if it’s a fit. Guaranteed to help get you closer to your goals.


For impact-driven B2B brands

Our Sprints are ideal for B2B businesses that are:

  • 1% for the Planet members
  • B Corps
  • Climate tech software
  • Other businesses with a strong social or environmental mission

If you’re not a B2B brand specifically, but are interested in our services, we’d still be happy to talk with you and see if we can help.

As a 1% for the Planet member ourselves, we give back one percent of our gross revenue to the environment, and are always working to expand our positive impact.

Let's talk about you

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