SEO Sprints

Goodbye, uncomfortably long retainers. Hello, project-based sprints.

Project-based. Purpose-driven.

If your B2B impact brand needs more brand awareness, traffic, and leads, it’s time you learned about SEO sprints.

Instead of a 6-12 month retainer most SEO agencies push, we tackle the three most important areas of Search Engine Optimization in a project-based, cost-effective way.

Our model is designed to get you results faster than a traditional SEO retainer. Better yet, using our purpose-driven content framework, we create content that actually builds your brand and contributes to your mission.

Here’s how it works.

Number one

The Strategy Sprint

Laying the foundation

During this foundational sprint, we find what’s holding you back from meaningful organic traffic and uncover insights your biggest organic growth opportunities. By the end of the sprint, you’ll have a detailed roadmap that shows you what you need to achieve your SEO growth goals.

The sprint includes:

  • A website quality audit – diagnosing the technical and content problems holding your site back
  • Competitor keyword research & topic ideation – uncovering missed growth opportunities
  • Purpose-driven content strategy – giving you a framework for content that contributes to your mission and goals
  • SEO strategy – tying it all together so you can implement as quickly as possible

If you use Google Analytics, we’ll also perform a Google Analytics audit and provide recommendations to make sure it’s properly set up.

Pricing: 2,500 euros for sites up to 1K pages. For larger sites, please set updiscovery call for a custom quote.

The number two

The Content Sprint

Driving organic growth

While we always start with strategy for a solid foundation, content creation is what ultimately drives the results.

Depending on the current make-up of your team, you have two options.

You can:

  1. Hire us to write detailed content briefs, which we’ll hand over to your in-house writers
  2. Or, have our experienced team create the full written content for you

Content sprints are available in batches of 10 content briefs/articles — so one content sprint would tackle 10, 20, 30, or more pieces of content per engagement. A batch of 10 typically covers about three months’ worth of content, but this may vary depending on your specific business and goals.

A content sprint includes:

  • In-depth research and topic ideation – finding the best topics and angles that will get you results
  • Content calendar creation – so you know what to publish when
  • Performance tracking – to monitor content performance and inform ongoing strategy
  • Regular sprint – 10+ content briefs, so your internal writers know exactly what to write and how to optimize their content
  • Pro sprint – 10+ polished, optimized pieces of written content, created by our experienced team.

Pricing: Please set up a discovery call for a quote. We always recommend starting with a Strategy Sprint first, before moving into the Content Sprint.

The PR Sprint

Claiming your authority

Once the strategy is laid and you’ve got some shiny new content that provides value for your readers, it’s time for the most powerful layer yet — the PR sprint.

“Digital PR” is a strategy of creating highly valuable source material for journalists, such as original research that can be cited in a news story.

In our PR sprint, we use a step-by-step process to create and promote an original “Source Magnet” for your brand, designed to generate press attention and valuable backlinks for your site.

A PR sprint includes:

  • Ideation for your “Source Magnet”
  • Research and data analysis
  • Written content creation and a brief for graphics
  • Outreach to promote your magnet once it’s ready

Pricing: Set up discovery call for a quote. It’s important that your site is “cleaned up” and ready to go before starting the PR sprint, so we recommend starting with the Strategy Sprint, and at least one Content Sprint to improve existing content.

For impact-driven B2B brands

Our Sprints are ideal for B2B businesses that are:

  • 1% for the Planet members
  • Certified and pending B Corps
  • Climate Neutral certified organizations
  • Other businesses with a strong social or environmental mission

If you’re not a B2B brand specifically, but are interested in our services, we’d still be happy to talk with you and see if we can help.

As a 1% for the Planet member ourselves, we give back one percent of our gross revenue to the environment, and are always working to expand our positive impact.

What clients are saying

"We've engaged Rebekah for some extra firepower on several high-profile agency projects. Her content and SEO consulting have really helped provide clarity, direction, and confidence that we're creating effective marketing materials. She's thorough, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work with!"
Lucas Forsythe
Principle, Blue Griffin Creative Marketing
"Rebekah provided BBMG very helpful qualitative messaging and SEO consulting rooted in her understanding of our business, and the sustainability and social impact space in which we operate. She understood our values and perspective, whereas other SEO experts we've heard from seem to be purely focused on what gets clicks."
Liz Courtney
Business Development, BBMG
“Rebekah has been invaluable in helping me communicate my services more clearly so that my website copy speaks to my target audience and helps me achieve my goals."
Michael Hotz
Owner, Atelier Michael Hotz
“Rebekah brought experience and savvy to the project we hired her to consult on. She presented thoughtful and thorough analysis with action steps the team has already implemented. I’m looking forward to working with her on more projects."
Katie Yeakle
CEO, American Writers and Artists Institute

Ready to talk about Sprints?

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